Armscye- Early term for armhole
Basques - Woman’s bodice extending below the waistline  
Bodice- The close-fitting upper part of a dress, covering the chest and back above the waist. 
Bones- Used for shaping and stiffening. Made of whalebone. Also called Stays          
Braid- Narrow woven band for use of trimming, binding or outlining lace and embroidery 
Bustle- Pad cushion or arrangement of steel springs creating a bulbous projection below the 
waist in the back of a woman’s dress. Also called a Tournure 
Corset- stiffened bodice for shaping the figure, generally heavily boned
Corset Cover- Waist-length gathered top with straps worn over the corset.
Chemise- Linen garment worn next to the skin
Cuirass- Extremely tight boned woman’s daytime bodice extending down over hips to mold the 
Dart- Sewing term for v-shaped tuck
Drawers- Underpants
Dropped Shoulder- Shoulder or garment extending over upper arm making a lowered sleeve seam        
Empire Waist- high waistband just under the bosom, defined by an inserted piece of fabric or seam. 
Gore- Skirt section, wider at hem than top, providing fullness and shaping waist without darts.
Sewing term for triangular insert of fabric that creates fullness, used in skirts 
Hobble Skirt- Woman’s skirt rounded over hips, tapered to the ankle so narrowly that walking is impeded 
Hoop Skirt- Framework for horizontal circular metal bands held together with vertical strips of tape     
Oval Hoop- Hoop skirt but in an oval shape; being larger in the back 
Mantle- Long loose, sleeveless cloak, cape-like
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