Short Term Effects
Over time, the practice of wearing a corset was criticized by many as can be seen in Lady’s Guide to Perfect Gentility published in 1856. The magazine criticized the use of corsets by pointing out that by practicing tight lacing “the natural functions of the organs occupying the interior of the body are hindered, and the free circulation of the blood impeded, constituting, altogether, ample causes of disease.”1 It was discussed that when “the chest is scientifically laced as tight as can be borne, it often causes the blood to rush to the face, neck and arms."2 It was harmful to the women's bodies to be so tightly laced in their corset everyday. 

The redness that corsets can cause was seen as unattractive and was another argument against the tight-lacing practice. There were other effects that these corsets created like causing an “extreme heaving of the bosom, resembling the panting of a dying bird.”
Women were advised to appear delicate and fragile, which many tried to achieve with a tightly laced corset. Although it was seen as vulgar to go out in public with no corset at all, it was also seen as unhealthy to be wearing a corset too tight.
Long Term Effects
Throughout Lady’s Guide to Perfect Gentility, there were comments from women who wore very tightly laced corsets and “complained that they [could] not sit upright without them.” Because of this it was suspected that “artificial braces of any sort weaken the muscles of the trunk”.4 It was believed that wearing a corset over a long period of times made the body unable to support itself. 
It was also discovered that these tight stays displace the breast and destroys its firmness and sometimes prevented the full development of the nipples. The use of stays prevented the circulation of blood through the lungs, which could cause further health risks. It became known that the tightness prevents their proper development and renders respiration difficult. It was also discovered that the liver has frequently been found pushed serval inches beyond the last ribs. These were dangerous physical changes that occurred due to the tightness of the corsets. 
Throughout the years it was discovered and discussed that the corset deformed the body. There were accounts and complaints from woman who wore them, and found that while they gave them a desired shape, they had a lot of harmful effects. 
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