Leg-of-Mutton- A woman’s sleeve, wide and rounded at the shoulder; tapering to a snug fit on the lower 
Looping the Skirt- Outer skirt that is gracefully held up in five or six places by fabric tabs
Overskirt- an extra skirt or drapery shorter than the skirt itself and often looped up or split at the 
sides front or back; or an entire skirt of a sheer fabric constructed over a more opaque underskirt 
Peplum- Extension of bodice of dress that comes below the waistline; some times pleated 
sometimes flares
Petticoats- Woman’s underskirt usually shorter than outer skirt, in various widths to match silhouette of dress
Polonaise- A woman’s ankle-length dress with draped sides
Princess Seam- Basic cut for women’s clothing characterized by continuous vertical panels, shaped to 
body through torso without waistline seam
Soutache- Narrow rounded decorative braid of mohair, silk, rayon, used for borders and also used 
in all-over ornamental patterns
Train- Elegant back portion of a woman’s skirt that lies on the floor and is pulled along behind 
the wearer     
Underskirt- Simple, basic skirt over which an overskirt or drapery hangs 
Yoke- Portion of garment across shoulders in front or back, usually separate piece seamed to 
False Yoke- Looks like a yoke but is not a real seam.
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